visiting hours

Since I am on vacation, I decided to go visit my father's grave in the cemetery. I know i am the only one that come out here when i do because 1- the brothers do not have a car 2- it is not a priority to take public transportation for them ever so 3- if i do not drive them they do not come here. 
Anywho- life goes on and I do what I do. 
This headstone of my father which took 23 years to purchase after a few attempts and disagreements with the family is a sight. It is emotional for me to look at his name etched in stone, conspicuous hyphen in between birth and death date. 
It is heavy. 
but heavy.

The next tombstone visited is where Grandma lay.
May she rest eternally there. 
It is too soon for the inscription to happen. 
But she is there. 


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